Green Crooked Cottage

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Green Crooked Cottage

This quaint asymmetrical wood cottage makes the perfect dream home for a child. With whimsical details right from the pages of a storybook or a child' s vivid imagination, it features a dramatic crooked roof, sunny skylights, a charming chimney, a working door, and shuttered windows. Sturdy yet sweet, its solid wood construction makes it right at home, right in your backyard! Roomy enough for two to three little ones to play in comfortably at once, the playhouse sets the stage for hours spent conjuring up role-play adventures. Two adults needed for assembly. For ages 3 and up. Size 63"H x 40"D x 43"W.

  • The perfect dream home for a child
  • Asymmetrical features right out of a storybook to spark your child's vivd imagination
  • Roomy enough for two to three little ones at a time
  • Solid wood construction